Sociological research

Do sustainable practices change
the way we relate to the world?

Who’s conducting the research?

My name is Aurianne Stroude. I am a postdoctoral researcher at NUI Galway, at the School of Geography, Archaeology & Irish Studies.
Originally from Switzerland, I am here as a visiting researcher for 18 months. My stay is paid for by a grant from the Swiss National Research Fund. This means this research is funded by them.

I am a sociologist and completed my PhD in 2019. I have been working on the transition towards sustainable lifestyles for about 10 years, focusing on ecovillages, transition town movement and also radical personal lifestyle changes. I am interested in the interaction between society and individuals, how our personal choices are influenced by the society we live in and how they can be related to some necessary collective choices. I also have a strong interest in our relationship to time and our imagination of the future.

I am the mother of 2 young children full of life, I enjoy cooking, nature walks, sailing and socializing.

I moved to Galway in September 2020 and am longing to discover more of Ireland and its people as soon as this becomes possible again.


Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions :

If you would like any further information about my work in NUI Galway, you can contact Dr. Frances Fahy :
(as I don’t appear yet on the website)